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Welcome to AnthroHub

Our mission is to facilitate factual conversations on topics in anthropology in an engaging way in order to provide a reliable source of information about culturally and temporally salient topics.

“Hub” evokes ideas of a central area with spokes or branches coming off, and that’s just what we envision with this website.  It’s a centralized location where you will find branches to podcasts, blogs, news articles, science/education resources, and a student showcase.

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AnthroHub is a centralized location where you will find branches to facilitate factual conversations on topics in anthropology.


When you don’t have time to read an entire journal article, AnthroHub Blurbs curates the TL;DR on a variety of topics in anthropology


Anthro.MP3 is a student-led podcast that investigates the ancient to modern, biological to cultural, and fun to serious content we all want to explore

Student Showcase

The Student Showcase is a repository for showcasing some of the amazing work and research of students of anthropology


Explore and discover additional resources from AnthroHub

Get Involved

At AnthroHub we know the importance of involving others in our work. Everyone has different strengths and ideas and we would really like to hear from you! If you have artwork that you’d like to see displayed, or you’re a student and completed an interesting project as part of a course you’ve taken, or even if you just have ideas about what you would like to see on the website, let us know by Contributing to AnthroHub.

Each of us is active in our schools, communities, and the American Association of Biological Anthropologists. Check out the Resources tab to see what we, and others, are up to.

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