About Us

AnthroHub’s mission is to facilitate factual conversations on topics in anthropology in an engaging way in order to provide a reliable source of information about culturally and temporally salient topics.

“Hub” evokes ideas of a central area with spokes or branches coming off, and that’s just what we envision with this website.  It’s a centralized location where you will find branches to podcasts, blogs, news articles, science/education resources, and a student showcase.

Our Team

Anthropology Hub is a partnership between the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Russell Sage College, and University at Albany – SUNY. Meet the team behind Anthropology Hub:

Sarah Reedy

Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Advising, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Sarah is a Lecturer and the Director of Undergraduate Advising for the Anthropology Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is a bioarchaeologist who investigates growth and development under stressed conditions and Industrial Era inequality. She enjoys teaching, working with students, and investigating anthropology!

Kelli Tamvada

Assistant Professor, Russell Sage College
Kelli is an Assistant Professor at Russell Sage College and program director for the Health Sciences major. She enjoys teaching students about the human body, solving problems, and working with other interesting people. When not at work, she is an avid reader, gardener, and pet lover.

Amanda Spriggs

Clinical Assistant Professor, University at Albany - SUNY
Amanda is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University at Albany - SUNY. She is a biological anthropologist with interests in visual signals that primates use and the selection pressures that act on the presence or absence of those signals. She uses digital photography to analyze and quantify coloration. In her free time she also enjoys gardening, reading, travel, and cooking.


AnthroHub was made possible, in part, by the Walter Robb and Anne Gruver Robb Fellow in the Sciences endowed professorship at Russell Sage College and the Umass SBS Non-Tenure Track Professional Development Grant.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have student work I’d like to showcase.  Can it be displayed on your website?

Yes! We would love to showcase your students’ work!  Email [email protected] with your student’s name, the project title, and a brief description of the project.  We will ask for the student’s written permission to display their work, as well as a student-written blurb that describes their project.

Can I write a blog post to be shared on your website, or even just share an idea for a blog?

Sure! We enjoy hearing from you about what is interesting or noteworthy.  Email [email protected] to propose your idea and get the conversation started.

I have an idea for the Anthro.MP3 podcast!  Who should I share it with?

We can’t wait to hear your ideas!  Email [email protected] to discuss all things podcast.  This could be your ideas you’d like to hear our students discuss, thoughts on a guest speaker, or anything else you have in mind.

I was inspired by the student art on AnthroHub.  Can I contribute my own art?

We would love to see how you were inspired. Email [email protected] to show us your stuff!

I have resources I’d like to share or I have a request for resource topics.  Who do I talk to?

Great! Email [email protected] to discuss all things resource related.

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