The Great Ape Volleyball Tournament


January 15, 2024


Author/Student: Elainna Jennings

For this Un-Essay project, I studied the upper limb muscular anatomy and bone features on the upper limbs (humerus, radius, ulna). For this project, I wanted to examine how the differences in muscle attachments and densities would impact the strength of each primate, in this project I studied Pan paniscus, Pan troglodytes, Gorilla gorilla, Hylobates lar and Pongo pygmaeus. Rather than present my findings on a typical posterboard, I chose to interpret my findings in the form of a fictional book in which these primates participated in a Volleyball Tournament. To do this, I factored in each species’ locomotion, lifestyle, and body weight to determine how they would compete against one another.

The Great Ape Volleyball Tournament >


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