The Truth is in the Bones


June 24, 2023


Author/Student: Augustus Lovett
Course: Human Osteology

For my un-essay project, I created a true crime podcast episode focusing on fictional human remains found in Wisconsin. In the episode I compared the various fractures and breakage of the fictional bones to the known methods of a serial killer, Joesph Clark, from the 90s. The fictional bones I was looking at came from a database with numerous scans of bones that allowed me to identify the types of fractures and what potentially caused them. I was then able to compare them to the known methods of the serial killer I was looking at and comment on whether or not the breakage matches his signature. I was inspired to do this project because of popular true crime podcasts like Crime Junkie and shows like Only Murders in the Building. It was very interesting to see the ways bones can tell a story about someone and I wanted to do a project that could encapsulate this idea.

– Augustus Lovett

> The Truth is In the Bones


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